GEO - Cutting and Grinding Technology in every Order of Magnitude

GEO Metal
Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, metal-bonded, resin-bonded, ceramic- bonded, in general for the metal industry and in particular for tool manufacture, tool industry, engineering

Tool Manufacture
Diamond/CBN/corundum/SIC grinding wheels highly porous, ceramic- and resin-bonded, DIN grinding wheels such as 11V9 - 9A3 and straight and moulded grinding wheels

Tool Industry
Ceramic and resin grinding wheels in
AL203 and SIC of all shapes and abrasive types such as sintered corundum and aluminium oxide, semi-friable aluminium oxide, single crystal abrasive etc. from Ø10–Ø1000 mm and all well-established segment types

Corundum and SIC Grinding Wheels resin- and ceramic-bonded
for universal engineering, foundries, metallurgical analyses, bearing industry, automotive suppliers, spring industry

GEO Stone
Diamond Cutting Wheels
laser-welded, sintered, soldered, for the cast stone and natural stone industry, segmented or corporate boundary from Ø115–Ø650 mm

GEO Glass
Grading and Grinding Wheels
in general for the glass industry and the optical industry, construction glass industry, for car glass, for the picture tube production

Spring Industry
Double sided face-plates with or without cooling holes bonded at all varieties, for all types of machines, experiences on the most popular machines like Warfios, OMG

Diamond and CBN Cutting Wheels
metal-bonded, resin-bonded, ceramic- bonded für precision technology such as injection pump components

Corundum and SIC Cutting Wheels
reinforced and unreinforced for foundries, steel industry, for laboratory cuts for metallurgical analyses from von Øl00–Ø800 mm

Diamond Cutting Wheels
for the composite material technology for the brake pad industry etc.

GEO Trenn- und Schleiftechnik... just to be on the safe side